Rescues & Shelters
The idea for Nitey Leash came about when our friend and her dog were nearly hit by a car while out on an evening run. We realized that a dog leash illuminated from end to end could keep both dogs and their owners safe from traffic. The result is Nitey Leash—a durable, and beautiful, illuminated leash that makes pooches and owners visible to traffic from a quarter of a mile away in the dark. More than 90% of our customers say that Nitey Leash makes them feel safer. And more than 80% say that people actually stop them on the street to ask about Nitey Leash.
But our team wanted to do more. What if we could contribute not only to the safety of Nitey Leash pooches and their owners, but also to some of the millions of dogs in animal rescues and shelters across the United States?
So we made a commitment to incorporate into all aspects of our business dogs who are up for adoption. You'll see adoptable dogs in our advertisements, on our packaging, and in our email communications. We also share info on how to adopt these and other amazing pooches, whenever we can.
We also partner with local animal rescues and shelters across the country to help animals in their care find their forever homes.
If you work for an animal rescue or shelter that would like to know more, please contact us at