Ed Pein, Vice President, Sales

A former PepsiCo executive with two decades of experience in retail sales and supply-chain management, Ed Pein is a passionate salesperson with a track record of building successful sales teams and businesses from the ground up.

Ed’s strategic sales vision has helped the company quickly solidify its foothold in the U.S. and international markets with its flagship product, Nitey Leash, paving the way for the introduction of several exciting and ground-breaking new products in 2018.

Ed began his career as a field merchandiser for PepsiCo. His initial job description was limited to stocking shelves, but Ed quickly demonstrated that he had a unique aptitude for merchandising, including designing sales displays that convinced shoppers to consistently choose Pepsi over its competitors. By the time Ed left PepsiCo, he had held the roles of Director across three different sales channels: Grocery, Convenience Store and Mass Merchandise accounts.

Ed also built a reputation for caring about his customers and the communities where he worked. In helping his customers improve their financials, he saw an opportunity to have a meaningful impact on their lives.

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