About Us

There’s no two bones about it—our dogs are a part of our family. So, when we were out for an evening walk—using a regular old leash—and our beloved Comet was nearly hit by a car, we were struck by an idea: A dog leash that illuminated up completely from end to end to make both dog and owner safe and visible to traffic.

Despite being a very simple idea, getting Nitey Leash to market required serious research and development. Over several years, we worked with a former Boeing engineer and enlisted nearly 1,000 dogs from across the country to test several prototypes. The result is an illuminated dog leash based on fiber-optic technology. Not only does Nitey Leash make dogs and owners visible to traffic from a quarter mile away in the dark, it features a resilient, patent-pending lighting system that stands up to energetic dogs.

Nitey Leash uses fiber optics and is the only dog leash that lights up completely and continuously from your hand to your dog, making both of you visible to traffic. Our customers tell us that Nitey Leash gives them peace of mind knowing that their family is safer each and every time they take their dog out for an evening walk. And that means the world to us. 


First and foremost, the Nitey Leash team is made up of fervent dog—and animal—lovers. And many of us have a great deal of experience in bringing wildly fun and useful products to market. Did you play with the Stretch Armstrong toy growing up? Have you or your kids ever brushed your teeth with a Spinbrush? If so, then the hard work of some of our team members has touched your life at some point!

We have been obsessed with creating the best-ever illuminated dog leash, ever since that moment Betty and Comet were nearly hit by a car. While nearly laser-focused on our namesake product—Nitey Leash—we’re already developing many more awesome pet products.

Our team is also passionate about supply-chain management and logistics. We routinely geek out over things like freight efficiencies and we love finding ways to become a better supplier to our retail partners. We endeavor to make the lives of dogs, dog owners and our business partners easier, better and, of course, brighter.


John Osher, Chairman
Joseph Hassan, President
Steve Lash, Chief Financial Officer
Ed Pein, Vice President, Sales
Camille Orndorff, Operations Manager
Ed Pein, III, Sales Manager