Nitey Leash - Pink

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Imagine not having to carry a flashlight -- or use your cell-phone flashlight -- when you're out on your nighttime dog walk.

Ditch your flashlight for the dog leash that Oprah magazine calls "a smart gadget for your pet" and REAL SIMPLE magazine calls a "problem solver" that "makes your life easier."

Nitey Leash is the world’s first-ever fiber optic dog leash and the only dog leash that lights up completely from end to end. 

  • Completely illuminated from end to end
  • One size fits all dogs (up to 150 pounds!)
  • 5 feet long (one size fits all dogs
  • Runs on 3 easy to replace AAA batteries (included!)
  • Batteries last for at least two months before you even need to think about changing them 
  • Two modes -- steady and blinking
  • Comfortable loop at the end of handle to ensure secure group


My dog pulls and jerks. Will Nitey Leash hold up? Absolutely. We designed Nitey Leash for dogs up to 150 pounds who are strong pullers. Nitey Leash is guaranteed to stand up to pullers and jerkers. 

Do you guarantee Nitey Leash? Absolutely. It's very simple. Nitey Leash has a full one-year warranty. Any issues or problems and we will replace Nitey Leash at no cost to you or refund your full purchase price. The choice is up to you. 


56 reviews